Miyo Wicehtowin Living in Harmony Together Blank Greeting Card

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The Bee (Amo) is a symbol of honesty, and willingness to serve the community above all else. Sharing one's skills. Productivity, focus, and staying fully engaged. Bees extract the sweetness life. Although small, they are able to defend themselves. The Bee shows us that all forms of life are interdependent. Bees deserve our protection and respect.



Elizabeth has used Cree syllabics to describe each image. The syllabics were invented by missionaries in Canada (1830-1860) to create a written form of Cree and Ojibway. The primary purpose was to teach Christianity to Indigenous People. Elizabeth is a member of the Mistawasis Nehiyawak in Saskatchewan. Her work is inspired by the artistic traditions and storytelling of the Plains Cree.