Indigenous Artisan Jewellery

When you purchase from this collection, you are not only acquiring a beautifully handcrafted item but also directly supporting the livelihood of these incredible artists. Every purchase makes a meaningful impact, allowing these artisans to sustain their traditions, preserve their cultural heritage, and thrive in their communities.

We believe in fostering a sustainable and equitable business model, and that's why we work closely with these local artisans, ensuring fair wages and empowering them as entrepreneurs. By embracing their creations, you become an integral part of this transformative journey, forging a direct connection between art, culture, and community.


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Amya Salt Beaded Earrings Sale priceFrom $30.00
Drea Halfe Beaded Earrings - SMDrea Halfe Beaded Earrings - SM
Geraldine Bekkattla Dragon Fly EarringsGeraldine Bekkattla Dragon Fly Earrings
Felishia Dumont Beaded EarringsFelishia Dumont Beaded Earrings
Felishia Dumont Beaded Earrings Sale priceFrom $30.00
Kendra Nanooch Beaded Butterfly EarringsKendra Nanooch Beaded Butterfly Earrings
Kendra Nanooch Beaded Flower EarringsKendra Nanooch Beaded Flower Earrings
Crystal Davis Medalion EarringsCrystal Davis Medalion Earrings
Crystal Davis Medalion Earrings Sale priceFrom $60.00
Kendra Nanooch Beaded Heart EarringsKendra Nanooch Beaded Heart Earrings
Ivory Bouvette EarringsIvory Bouvette Earrings
Ivory Bouvette Earrings Sale price$70.00
Kendra Nanooch Beaded Mini EarringsKendra Nanooch Beaded Mini Earrings
Crystal Davis Delica Hoop Earrings
Geraldine Bekkattla Hide EarringsGeraldine Bekkattla Hide Earrings
Cheryl Onishenko Beaded Earrings Sale priceFrom $65.00
Kendra Nanooch Beaded Berry EarringsKendra Nanooch Beaded Berry Earrings
Kelly Vielle 3 Piece Bracelet Set
Kelly Vielle Beaded Hi-Tops Earrings
Kelly Vielle Beaded Cross Earrings
Ivory Bouvette Be Mine Dentalium Earrings
Geraldine Bekkattla Pride Ribbon EarringsGeraldine Bekkattla Pride Ribbon Earrings
Alberta Indigenous Art EarringsAlberta Indigenous Art Earrings
Ivory Bouvette Dentalium EarringsIvory Bouvette Dentalium Earrings
Ivory Bouvette Dentalium Earrings Sale priceFrom $95.00
Danielle Redgun Beaded Turtle EarringsDanielle Redgun Beaded Turtle Earrings
Tracy Gambler Beaded EarringsTracy Gambler Beaded Earrings
Tracy Gambler Beaded Earrings Sale priceFrom $40.00