Colourful Traditions Dress

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Inspired by the historical ledger prints from the 1800s, the dress features a captivating background that tells stories of generations past. Each stroke and line carries the weight of ancestral narratives, reminding us of the rich tapestry of Indigenous traditions that continue to inspire and captivate. It serves as a visual tribute to the resilience and enduring beauty of Indigenous cultures.

Bold geometric designs emerge, gracefully adorning the fabric, reflecting the interplay between tradition and innovation. These intricate patterns symbolize the deep spiritual connections Indigenous communities hold with the natural world and the sacred geometry that guides their artistry. With each shape and line, the dress becomes a canvas for the vibrant expressions of Indigenous heritage.

Amidst the geometric motifs, colorful tipis rise with grace, representing the nomadic spirit and the profound connection between Indigenous peoples and the land. Bears, revered as symbols of strength and wisdom, dance across the fabric, embodying the ancestral knowledge that is passed down through generations.

Design accents of elk teeth and dentalium shells, paying homage to the sacred traditions and abundant beauty cherished by Indigenous communities. These elements serve as reminders of the enduring bond between humanity and the natural world, celebrating the interconnectedness of all beings.

Turquoise color stripes, inspired by the sacred stone revered in Indigenous cultures, add a touch of vibrancy and symbolism to the dress. Each stripe carries its own significance, representing the sky, water, and the harmony that exists within the natural realm.

Justine is wearing an XL Dress, She is 5 foot 8 and 165 lbs

Size: XS